Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sir Walter Wally 2017 - Did Walter See His Shadow 2017?

As you already know Sir Walter Wally is the one of most popular individual from Raleigh, North Carolina. On Groundhogs day 2017, as of each year February 2nd, The Sir Walter Wally Groundhog officials bring Walter come out of his burrow to predict do we have to face 6 more weeks of winter or not. If the sky is clear and shiny, then probably Sir Walter Wally will see his shadow and will go back to his burrow indicating six more weeks of winter, otherwise early arrival of spring. Watch out below space to see did Sir Walter Wally see his shadow in 2017 results and, the PSir Walter Wally 2017 video of weather prognostication is/will become available as it happen.

groundhog day 2017

Keep in mind the chances of Sir Walter Wally being true are 50-50 as per record, but who cares when you get the reason to do a get together, laugh, music, food, and everything that happens in a festive environment.

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Will Groundhog See His Shadow In 2017 [Poll]