Each year on 2nd February, Groundhog Day gets celebrated, which is also known as Hedgehog or Marmot Day. In 2018, Groundhog Day will be on Friday, 33rd day of the year. It is a holiday related to prognostication associated with the weather. At around 7:00 AM in the early morning of 2nd February, Groundhog comes out of burrow to look for his own shadow.

What does happen when the groundhog sees his shadow?
When the groundhog sees shadow, he gets feared and goes back to his burrow which means winter will remain for six weeks more. Otherwise, when groundhog don't sees shadow, he keep wandering around and this indicates an early arrival of spring.

groundhog day 2018

Did the groundhog see his shadow today

According to tradition, if Groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If not (because it is clear, for example), spring will come soon. So, see did the groundhog see his shadow in 2018, checkout the groundhog day 2018 results and recording which will become automatically available here as soon the event happen.


Will The Groundhog See his Shadow in 2018?

At the bottom of the page, we have a poll in which you can participate by casting your vote to predict will the groundhog see his shadow this year on 2nd February morning or you just don't care what this groundhog say and see. The poll will get closed on February 2nd but you can see realtime results any time. Click here to go to poll.

Groundhog Day Results and Predictions

Complete results of what did the groundhog say today in morning, an early spring or more winter ahead.
Last year in 2016, Phil didn't sees his shadow, watchout below for 2018 results predicted by groundhog punxsutawney phil and others, and see did the spring is coming early or winter will remain more.

2016Spring aheadPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
20156 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
20146 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
2013spring forwardOct. 23Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
20126 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
2011Spring forwardBeloeil, CarlosMontreal, Quebec
20116 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
2010Spring forwardOctoraro OrphieQuarryville, Pennsylvania
2010Spring forwardSir Walter WallyRaleigh, NC
2010Spring forwardJimmy the GroundhogSun Prairie, Wisconsin
2010Spring forwardGeneral Beauregard LeeSnellville, Georgia
20106 more weeks of winterMalverne MelMalverne, New York
2010Spring forwardStaten Island ChuckStaten Island, New York
2010Spring forwardWoodstock WillieWoodstock, Illinois
20106 more weeks of winterWiarton WillieWiarton, Ontario
20106 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
20106 more weeks of winterSpanish JoeSpanish, Ontario
2010Spring forwardDunkirk DaveDunkirk, New York
2010Spring forwardBuckeye ChuckMarion, Ohio
2010Spring forwardBalzac BillyBalzac, Alberta
20106 more weeks of winterShubenacadie Sam
2010Spring forwardFrench Creek FreddieFrench Creek, West Virginia
20106 more weeks of winterChucklesManchester, Connecticut
20106 more weeks of winterWoodyHowell, Michigan
2009Spring forwardQueen CharlotteCharlotte, North Carolina
20096 more weeks of winterSir Walter WallyRaleigh, North Carolina
20096 more weeks of winterSpanish JoeSpanish (Ontario)
20096 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
2009spring forwardGeneral Beauregard LeeAtlanta, Georgia
2009Spring forwardFrench Creek FreddieFrench Creek, West Virginia
20096 more weeks of winterBuckeye ChuckMarion, Ohio
20096 more weeks of winterBalzac BillyBalzac, Alberta
2009Spring forwardMalverne MelMalverne (New York)
20096 more weeks of winterWoodstock WillieWoodstock, Illinois
20096 more weeks of winterJimmy the GroundhogSun Prairie, Wisconsin
20096 more weeks of winterOctoraro OrphieQuarryville, Pennsylvania
2009Spring forwardStaten Island ChuckStaten Island ( New York )
20096 more weeks of winterWiarton WillieWiarton, Ontario
20096 more weeks of winterShubenacadie Sam
20096 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
2009Spring forwardDunkirk DaveDunkirk (New York)
20086 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
2008Spring forwardJimmy the Groundhog
2008Spring forwardDunkirk Dave
2008Spring forwardPat Lane
2008Spring forwardBalzac Billy
20086 more weeks of winterSir Walter Wally
2008Spring forwardWiarton Willie
2008Spring forwardGeneral Beauregard Lee
20086 more weeks of winterQueen Charlotte
2008Spring forwardMalverne Mel
20086 more weeks of winterWest Indies Wilbur
2008Spring forwardShubenacadie Sam
2008Spring forwardStaten Island Chuck
2008Spring forwardBuckeye Chuck
2008spring forwardSpanish JoeSpanish, Ontario
20076 more weeks of winterHoltsville Hal
20076 more winter semansDunkirk Dave
2007spring forwardPunxsutawney Phil
2007spring forwardStaten Island Chuck
2007spring forwardWiarton Willie
2007spring forwardShubenacadie Sam
2007spring forwardGeneral Beauregard Lee
2007spring forwardMalverne Melissa
2007spring forwardBuckeye Chuck
2007spring forwardSpanish Joe
2007spring forwardSir Walter Wally
20066 more weeks of winterDunkirk Dave
20066 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
20066 more weeks of winterBuckeye Chuck
2006spring forwardSpanish Joe
2006spring forwardWiarton Willie
2006spring forwardFountain Hills Weasel
2006spring forwardGeneral Beauregard Lee
2006spring forwardStaten Island Chuck
2006spring forwardShubenacadie Sam
2006spring forwardJimmy the Groundhog
2006spring forwardMalverne Mel
2006spring forwardFrench Creek Freddie
20056 more weeks of winterDunkirk Dave
20056 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
20056 more weeks of winterShubenacadie Sam
20056 more weeks of winterSpanish Joe
20056 more weeks of winterOctoraro Orphie
2005spring forwardWiarton Willie
2005spring forwardJimmy the Groundhog
2005spring forwardGeneral Beauregard Lee
2005spring forwardBalzac Billy
2005spring forwardStaten Island Chuck
20046 more weeks of winterDunkirk Dave
20046 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
20046 more weeks of winterWiarton Willie
20046 more weeks of winterSpanish Joe
20046 more weeks of winterBalzac Billy
20046 more weeks of winterGeneral Beauregard Lee
20046 more weeks of winterMalverne Mel
20036 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
2003spring forwardDunkirk Dave
2003spring forwardSpanish Joe
20026 more weeks of winterDunkirk Dave
20026 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
2002spring forwardSpanish Joe
20016 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
2001spring forwardDunkirk Dave
2001spring forwardSpanish Joe
20006 more weeks of winterPunxsutawney Phil
2000spring forwardSpanish Joe
1999spring forwardPunxsutawney Phil
1999spring forwardSpanish Joe


First time it was celebrated only in usa but now it can be seen in Canada, and in Germany as well.

In the following calendar you can see on what day of week it falls with a countdown showing number of days and time left in start.

Year and Date How Many Days Until
2016 - Week no. 05, Tuesday, 2nd February 2016
2017 - Week no. 05, Thursday, 2nd February 2017
2018 - Week no. 05, Friday, 2nd February 2018
2019 - Week no. 05, Saturday, 2nd February 2019
2020 - Week no. 06, Sunday, 2nd February 2020
2021 - Week no. 05, Tuesday, 2nd February 2021
2022 - Week no. 05, Wednesday, 2nd February 2022
2023 - Week no. 05, Thursday, 2nd February 2023
2024 - Week no. 05, Friday, 2nd February 2024

The day is originated from Pennsylvania Germans in 18th century. First time Groundhog day celebrated in 1887 in which the Punxsutawney phil saw shadow and indicated the weather will remain cold for six more weeks. Since then, this day has been celebrated 118 times each year except the nine years in between 1889 to 1899 of which no record of its predictions / celebration has been discovered.

What about Phil's recent predictions?
2014: Shadow at 7:28 AM; 39ยบ overcast skies with fog. It's Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday. 2013: In 2013 Phil sees no shadow and predicted an early arrival of spring but, it was not right because the spring didn't came early. On behalf of record of Phil predictions till now, the probability of being right is 40 percent, approximately.
2015: Spring is not coming soon as per Groundhog prognostication. TL;DR - Punxsutawney phil the Groundhog of Pennsylvania see's shadow in 2015.
2016: Spring is on its way soon as per Groundhog prediction on Tuesday, 2nd Feb, 2016. TL;DR - Punxsutawney phil the Groundhog of Pennsylvania see's no shadow in 2016.

Groundhog Day In Films

1. In the movie Groundhog Day, the protagonist, a meteorologist sent as a reporter to Groundhog Day, is trapped in a time loop that forces him to constantly relive the same day. Given the success of the film, the director Harold Ramis and starring Bill Murray were awarded the "Gran honorary title of ceremonies " of Groundhog Day.

2. In the television series The OC, Seth Cohen tries to kidnap a groundhog right in Groundhog Day.

3. In the animated film Bambi 2 the custom of watching the groundhog is cited. A similar reference is made in an episode of the series Winnie the Pooh in which the piglet Piglet is disguised as a groundhog. Even an episode of the series Curious George and the cartoon Max and Ruby are dedicated to this event.

4. In the animated film The 5 legends, when the Man in the Moon chooses to elect a new Guardian, please Calmoniglio that is not the Groundhog.

5. In the animated film A Walk with Dinosaurs, at the end of one of the many winters in history is mentioned "the dell'alphadon day", in which the alphadon (the first mammal) comes out of his burrow and lays the end or not winter based on its shadow. It is an obvious mention of "Groundhog Day" since the alphadon were very similar to the marmots.

6. Also in the strip Calvin and Hobbes the theme is present in a cartoon of November 2005 when Calvin tries to frighten a groundhog with a theatre lamp to get more weeks of winter, of course, with the complicity of the tiger Hobbes.


Everything you need to know about groundhogs.


Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia


Length: 20 to 27 in.
Weight: 5 to 12 lbs.


Groundhogs are herbivorous and prefer succulent plants such as clover, alfalfa, and grasses.


Sexually mature at 1 year old. Males generally mate with one female from late February to April. Females breed only once per year, but males may remain with the female for some time after breeding


Groundhog gestation period is 31 to 32 days. Litter size is four to six. At birth they weigh about 1 oz. and increase to about 2 oz. in one week. The young are born blind and hairless, are weaned in about 2 months, and disperse by 5 months. Groundhogs usually have two litters a year.


Average 1 to 2 years. Few live longer than 4 years in the wild.

About Groundhog

Sometimes colloquially called “woodchuck” or “whistle-pig,” the Groundhog receives its common name from a Cree Indian word, wuchak, used to identify several different animals of similar size and appearance and which denotes nothing about the Groundhog’s habits or habitat. Not until Europeans colonized North America did the Groundhog receive the honor of becoming the harbinger of spring. February 2, or Groundhog Day, is the day on which the Groundhog is supposed to wake up from hibernation and emerge from its bur-row to determine if winter has ended or will continue for several more weeks.

Groundhog STATUS

Although Groundhogs are native to North Carolina, they have expanded their range in recent years. The Groundhog is classified as a non-game animal for which there is no closed hunting season or bag limit. It is hunted primarily for sport and to a lesser extent for food and fur. Though no data have been collected on Groundhog populations in North Carolina, populations appear to be either increasing or stable. Groundhog have adapted well to human activities such as agriculture and urban development and are usually considered a pest species. Groundhog burrows and dens provide homes for other wildlife species that use subterranean den sites.


Groundhogs are large, heavy-bodied rodents attaining weights of 5 to 12 pounds and can be up to 2 feet long. They are covered with coarse hair ranging in color from brown to reddish yellow, usually tipped with silver. Their feet have five claw-bearing digits with thick, slightly curved claws. The head is short and broad. The legs are short and thickset. The tail is densely haired, slightly flattened and one-fifth to one-third of the animal’s total length. The ears are short, broad, rounded and well haired. The eyes are circular and small.


Groundhogs inhabit a variety of habitats such as pastures, brushy Groundhog, open woods and areas along stream banks. Their primary requirement is an area where their burrows can be constructed without being flooded or inundated with groundwater. They are diurnal animals, most active during the early morning and late afternoon hours.

Groundhogs are herbivorous and prefer the more tender parts of new growth from a variety of wild and cultivated plants. They hibernate during the winter from November until February. Mating occurs in March or April, and four to six young are produced after a 31- to 32-day gestation period. The young are born blind, helpless, toothless and almost naked. Young Groundhogs disperse from the natal area after they are three months old.


Groundhogs are distributed from eastern Alaska across the southern half of Canada to the Atlantic Ocean and south in the eastern half of the United States to Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. East of the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina is the southernmost part of the Groundhog’s range. The Groundhog was historically confined to the Mountains of western North Carolina but has recently expanded its range into the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions.


Unless you live and stay in the southern half of North Carolina from Mecklenburg County east, you have certainly seen Groundhogs by the roadside in spring or early summer. Their habit of feeding on roadside vegetation causes many Groundhogs to be killed by cars. Other than a few predators such as hawks, owls, foxes and coyotes, the major causes of mortality for Groundhogs are vehicles on highways and hunters in pastures. Groundhog hunting provides a service to the landowner whose crops suffer depredation from the rodent’s feeding habits or whose livestock have been lamed by stepping into a Groundhog burrow. This sport also provides the opportunity for someone skilled with a rifle to practice this skill during a time of year when hunting seasons for game animals are closed. Even with increased numbers of highways and Groundhog hunters, this species continues to expand its range in North Carolina.

Groundhog Day History

It all goes back to 1887. At that time there were many Germans in the area of Pennsylvania where is Punxsutawney, the town where Phil groundhog lives. In Germany, farmers used a badger to do a very similar experiment and know when to farm their land. When they migrated to the United States, they continued the tradition of seeing the reaction of the animal to leave the burrow after the months of hibernation: if the groundhog sees its shadow - because it is sunny - it will be frightened and will re-enter the den. That means that winter will last another six weeks . If, on the contrary, the groundhog comes out of the burrow on a cloudy day, everything indicates that winter will soon be over.

This celebration became famous for appearing in the film, in which a despot character, television presenter, goes to a town to report on this event. The character is trapped on that day, every day when the alarm clock sounded, it was still the same day that he had lived before.

This film was performed by Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.

Groundhog Day is celebrated every year on February 2 in Punxsutawney, in a small town in Pennsylvania. In this celebration, an animal, a marmot, is expected to be able to predict the weather in the coming months.

If on leaving the burrow, the groundhog does not see its shadow means the winter will end soon, but on the contrary, see its shadow means that the winter will last six more weeks.

Apparently, Groundhog day tradition brought to the United States by German immigrants, since in their land they used an identical method only on this occasion with a badger, which could act in two ways, if on leaving their burrow was A sunny day and therefore his shadow was projected, the animal was frightened and therefore returned to its burrow for six more weeks, this was interpreted that the winter was going to continue, but if he did not see his shadow, because it was cloudy, I thought spring had already arrived.caught in time.

Those in favor of groundhog day speak of 75% to 90% of hits by the animal comes true. But a study conducted marks the success rate by 37%.

Although the most famous groundhog is mentioned in the film and known across the world is Phil. But the Groundhog day is also celebrated in many other parts of the world where the name of the groundhog changes. As per our records, since from 15 years, a total of 49 differently named Groundhogs has given predictions for their towns.

How Many Groundhog Day Events In 2018

Though Punxsutawney phil from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the most prominent and popular event but, in Last year on 2nd feb more than 30 Groundhog day events has been recorded across the world. This year the numbers of events has decreased to 16 as per our records. Check them to get this years weather prediction as much near to your city.

Will Groundhog See His Shadow In 2018 [Poll]